Content marketing v traditional ads via Monday Note

Content marketing v traditional ads via Monday Note

Content Strategy 101: Auditing your Assets

In a recent article on the Huffington Post, I providing a glimpse into NewsCred’s process for creating a content strategy framework for brands.

First step, audit all your content assets…and after you’ve identified all of your available content, it’s then helpful to organize everything into one giant asset matrix.

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News Media and Social Media Become Part of a Real-Time Manhunt Drama

The tension of the day also played out on Twitter, where seemingly every utterance from the local police scanners was repeated, often without any context. Twitter users urged one another not to share what they were hearing on the scanners, and by midday the audio feeds on at least two scanner Web sites had been taken offline temporarily. On Friday night, as word spread that the second suspect had been spotted, more than 250,000 people were simultaneously tuned to a Ustream rebroadcast of a scanner.

The crowd-sourced criminal justice system that flourished online this week was running at full tilt — and drawing sharp criticism — on social news sites like Reddit, where a number of people used guesswork to try to identify the suspects.

Via the New York Times

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